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Throughout the design process, new construction projects require extensive decision making. Our collaborative approach involves working closely with your builder, architect, and subcontractors, ensuring meticulous project management from ideation to completion. We assist you in making informed decisions with confidence, ultimately bringing your project to fruition.

Throughout your project, we prioritize preserving the character of your home. We assess the existing environment, seamlessly integrating creative elements to elevate functionality and design. Throughout the project, we prioritize effective communication and collaboration to ensure a seamless and satisfying outcome.

In our comprehensive approach to furnishing and styling projects, we touch every detail from wall color, light fixtures and styling. Our focus lies in understanding and enhancing how you and your family truly live in your space. The execution of our process involves a curated blend of custom furnishings, luxurious textiles, unique accessories, and European antiques, with Amy and her team personally sourcing antique pieces from Europe to infuse character into each project. We prioritize longstanding relationships with vendors and subcontractors to ensure unwavering client satisfaction, managing every project with passion, dedication, and seamless communication from start to finish.

we infuse each project with
a sense of artistry that transforms houses into homes.

we approach each project with a sense of artistry that transforms houses into homes.

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effective communication

Passion and  dedication

luxury lies in the details


curated spaces with intricate detail, classic style, and luxurious comfort